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Please add "my average rank"


Should we add an "average arena rank" indication to the game?  

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  1. 1. Should we add an "average arena rank" indication to the game? (Where it gets added doesn't matter to me.)

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I think it would be helpful, given how the arena rank system is highly variable, to have some sort of indication somewhere that tells the player what their average rank is.

First, it would allow people who play the arena actively to know what rank they should tell others that they are.

It would also give players a sort of indication as to their progress that isn't highly variable.

The arena system is probably as good as it can get (though I have given other recommendations to fix it, in part).  But still, when players who don't engage in smurfing or any other sort of bad behavior tell me their rank fluctuates by a factor of 3 (like "my rank is 12-9"), it might be helpful for talking to others to have an "average rank" or some sort of progress bar.

I'd recommend a line graph but that would probably be too complex.  So just some sort of "average rank" indication somewhere in the game (even if it's in the user's profile page) would be nice to have.

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