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Today I soloed a titan


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I have solo'ed same titan in a different way - this titan has limited usage weapons, and a sniper. I let it use up all the weapons, leaving the sniper, and knowing SM enemy AI:
If I'm right in the corner, the titan jumps backwards, to get in range of the sniper.
I jump forward, my drone hits.
The titan can no longer use the sniper as I'm too far away from the map edge, theofore it jumps forward.
I jump back, my drone hits. Repeat
so I have solo'ed this titian using a physical mech I guess, double hammer is not always a need
Although: congrats on the solo! If you're in a bigger clan though, remember that there is a reward cap ( it's useless to deal as much damage ) and other members will always also want to try fighting.

This is the greatest titan solo Of All Time (MoistCr1t1cal reference)

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This Is The Of All Time


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