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Is supermechs server down?


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4 hours ago, JUGGERNAUT said:

Why am i stuck in here?

The furthest  the game go is to retrieving data screen which take 20 minutes until it says network error.

I remove data and cache

Restart my device


But nothing works

I have internet speed up to 100MBps

So there's  no way its my internet...




So you’re ok now ?

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30 minutes ago, local melee weapons fan said:

now bro ya prob still ain't in sm but ya gotta check it out it's one of my fav event or those 100/150 token quest... just came back again for a pleasant surprise lmaoo


<< Destroy everything in sight. >>

Retired SM pilot, nothing interesting, and I have once lived in infamy.
My Discord Server if you want to see me, I guess : 
Omura Unofficial Server
I am not looking for trouble here, and don't try.

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