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Magma Cooling Mask V2


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I had planned a while ago to redo the design of one of my torsos: magma cooling mask, if at the time I found it nice, now compared to what I do today..

so to start well I need a sketch, I did it and that's what I only did for the moment (will update)



(Old "Mcm") :




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On 1/25/2023 at 7:36 PM, DevStorm said:

im think very cool

im painted this 😄


Oh wow you really bothered redoing my lines so as not to have the background anymore.. in any case it looks good (not only by the lines of course),but anyway  thanks you so much.

Moreover you may have noticed but I took a break until. . now continue to add details .. make everything clean .. put and test the colors .. in short a lot of things ..

Update :


(Actually a try testing colour on my item).


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