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Calling all pilots..... again!

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The wiki needs your help once more!

This time, its for stats. There are quite a few lvl 1 stats missing, but the majority is max stats. I will be updating this topic every now and then after i make a list of the other categories missing stats.

Please comment what items you are levelling or have so that people don't waste their resources because I didn't strike-through something accidentally

Currently, the list is:

Interceptor: max common, rare, epic. lvl1 legendary, myth
Typhoon: lvl1 legendary
Ronin: max epic, legendary. lvl1 legendary
Horizon: max rare, epic
Punisher: max common, rare
Avenger: lvl1 myth
Redeemer: max legendary
Nightmare: max common, rare
Revenant: max common, rare, epic, legendary. max legendary
Hyperion: max rare, epic
Golem: max epic
Banshee: max epic, legendary
Flame battery armour: lvl 1 myth
Molten Platinum vest: max legendary. lvl1 myth
Sith: max common, rare
Grim reaper: max rare, epic. lvl1 myth
Anubis: max rare, epic, legendary
Fenrir: max common, rare, epic
Gumiho: max rare, epic
Ettin: max common, rare
Naga: max epic, lvl1 legendary
Chimaera: max rare, legendary
REA: lvl1 myth


copper destroyers: max common, rare
Chromium crushers: max common, rare, epic, legendary. lvl1 rare, epic, legendary
Iron boots: max rare. lvl1 epic legendary, myth
Grave diggers: max rare, epic, legendary. lvl1 rare
Rolling beasts: lvl1 myth
The claw: lvl1 myth
Sizzling rollers: max common, rare, epic
Scorching feet: max common, rare, epic, legendary. lvl1 myth
Burning boots: max rare, epic legendary. lvl1 legendary
Blazing legs: max epic
Devouring paws: max epic. lvl1 myth
Charged walkers: max common, rare, epic. lvl1 myth
Cyclone feet: max rare, epic
Dynamic stompers: max rare, epic. lvl1 legendary, myth
Lightning supporters: lvl1 myth
Recoil stompers: max epic, legendary, myth. lvl1 myth

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