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What to upgrade next??


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im at what I like to call a "dry period" in supermechs. It's described as a certain period within a players account career where one is stuck between upgrading all of his items and which items would be most beneficial to investing items into and fusing aswell. If you all remember my account screenshots you'd have a general idea as to what items i have. But heres an updated list


the main point of interest being my first mech


Brutality torso on a boiler build. (myth)

massive lava feet (legendary)

flaming hammer (myth)

corrupt light (myth)

heat bomb (legendary)

vandal rage (legendary)

desolation (legendary max)

Nemo (myth max)


which items on this build require the most attention?


Just a thought because i have quite a bit of random items for fusion and upgrading and wanna know what my safest bet would be for upgrading

The Boiler Mech that Burns down and obliterates any mech with incompetent module configuration. Atomus' Boiler acts as a Hard-counter to any Mech that has the slightest margin of exploitable Cooling

 'I will literally melt your mech dude..

So go on then, try me'

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