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Why this topic is still up ?



We are all on a brand new community , and as Alex and team already announced this forum is going to be very strictly to toxicity / accusations etc .
Yet ....yesterday there was up on the community the Vajayjay-A bit of respect to others just in case 
On this topic people accuses one another ....calling people bad names and spreads rumors about players and  toxicity in general .
Why this topic is still up and not muted ?
Or why at least those specific comments arent deleted yet ?
@Alexander @Elcent ? You promised a healthy forum /inviropment 

Specifically Clevername calling someone asshole on this topic ....spreads bad rumors about a player called Kratos .
From the other side Lord gorgon accuses Clevername and so on !
The fact that those posts havent get muted yet is because those players are top players or something ?

I am affraid that gato forum pretty soon is going to be same like TS forum .
If from the 1st month of forums life the team have tolerance upside such toxicity ...


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" Socializing with people alters a person's character... especially when one does not have a character. "

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