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it was replaced with the Base back on 1/25/21. 

There were disputes what was better. Some wanted to stay silver box and others moved fast to Base. 

Some undecided made a second account to test then later change like me. 

Some others still using silvers because never changed because like the way it was. 

One time someone requested to change the Base cack to silver. The reason was because there was a glitch. 

The Base selection icon will appear that say then we had to select the item if wanted. The Base option was intended to be permanent, and selectors will have to live with the Base active forever. The glitch caused some players to activate not wanting to activate because used to pop every change. They got mad and requested to change back and administration helped one or two for it then many wanted to change back and started this constant request to change back to silver. 

Some requested but were too many and without reason, so the change back has been cancelled and it was a game update no reason why to grant a change back. In the end, many test has been done and Base is superior no matter those complaining. It is a Fact. I tested before change and was beneficial. for my progress. 

Hope this answer your question

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