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Death curse??


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This topic is so completely out of the blue, especially since this is my first post after being gone for a little while, but recently I have been studying on paranormal stuff as its always intrigued me even as a child. I have indeed experienced and seen paranormal occurrences throughout my life which has led me to believe in such, for people who don't believe in ghosts or the paranormal, I'd politely ask for you not to give an input on this as this is a genuine question that I want others who do believe in paranormal activity to comment on.


I have seen a myriad of different stories about how some people have "cursed" a place by wishing terrible things upon a building, house, or even a person before dying or taking their own life and there has been a lot of occasions where this death curse had seemingly worked. Take the blair witch and The Conjuring as a main example of this phenomenon. Unlike the blair witch (sadly), The Conjuring was based on a true story and so are many other horror movies that had risen in popularity due to its impact on the actual story that influenced it.



So back to the question. If a person were to wish misery, death, pain and sorrow upon a place, person or city right as they die, does that place become cursed?




In that case..curse you frantic brute! *dies*

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On 12/18/2022 at 3:36 PM, Unforseen consequence void said:

True those smurf FB mercy mech spammers are so frustrating and annoying 

Energy mechs look more disgusting unless you have en fre weapons.

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If you are still finding Frantic Brute being an issue in the year 2023 then you perhaps have the one of the worst uncurable case of "skill issue" and im being honest, not a prick.

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