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Trying to recover old account probably payed like $40-$60$ on there for weapons and drones and coins and tokens



I went to try and recover it the only thing ik is the username and email username kittynekoneko

If that user dont work then its kitty~neko~neko

If there is anyone here who is a developer who can help me i would appreciate it just contact me via text messages at 1+ 318 312 9201 if you try to call me it wont work my phone is goofy and also i am always receiving calls


The stuff i have on there last i remember was 

Drone void tier mythical

Legendary annihilator

Top torso brutality legendary

Side weapon mercy legendary

Side weapon melee backbreaker last i remeber was i got it to legendary i think

Top weapon mighty cannon legendary tier

Frantic brute legendary i think

1 heat engine epic tier

1 Mass cooling booster 

1 Energy engine epic

I had atleast 5 or 6 legendary weapons that i remember and one mythical drone

Atleast 6 rare divine ascension relics

4 epic divine ascension relics

And 8 common divin ascension relics,

If im correct

I had emp

I had Some energy weapons that were like anywhere from epic to rare

Aswell as heat weapons idk the tiers maybe common and rares 

Thats all i remember

If i could get some help with recovering it that would be nice thanks



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