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Guess the Legacy Name


Guess the Legacy Name  

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Hello pilots!

I would like to introduce you about a game called "Guess the Legacy Name". The idea was originally created by @Zylok from the old forum.

What is it about ? Just like the title of this thread, where you guess a legacy item name by reacting the images that I will show you later. 

For example, if I show you an image of a 'God Mode' torso, you will have 4 different answer, such as A, B, C, and D. The question will last for a couple day and then I will tell you what was the correct answer if the time is up.

This is just a game for fun, there is no prize for you if your answers are correct. If you are also a legacy player, you could also send your legacy item in here and ask people for the correct answer. So I will make a poll before I make this thread even further. If this doesn't get enough attention, I will maybe archive this thread.

Thank you.

aku sayang kamu

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