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Best Mech Setup (Body, Legs, Side weapons, Top weapons, etc)


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It is hard to tell. It is about preferences since tons of configurations can take you to R1. Now, if I will pick one, I will say heat hugger. That does not mean it is the best but between all the testing regardless the disadvantages, it is an overall configuration for the 3 seasons, raid, portals, campaign and titan. It will always take you to R1 regardless losses can have on any season no matter what. Sure, many others mechs destroy this one but also you can make it hard to those mechs and even win if they play not at best. Difficulties are repulsers/snipers, dual recoil of any type, energy bomb new one, frantics or spartans with high hp at the 32-3400 and some with smart caps/cooling config according to seasons of course counters but you can still win them if play smart and cross to R1. Many of them it is about the player consistency and desire to win. 


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