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Rankeds introduction


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hello Im ranked!

im 19, working 2 jobs, played SM since 2015

Some people might know me from these few clans ive been in.     WLGang 1 - 4, Metal Reign, USSR onlytop, Immoral Blades, Bound to black (BTB), itty bitty tittie comity, x • Black Death At SM • X,  Legacy only.

Currently play 4ish accounts of my own ™Demon™, Overranked, Velnix and Overranked Exorcist

always open to join top clans even know im not top rank worthy (Rarely get rank 5)    usaully rank 10 - 7

f2p unless somebody i really know offers to get me something

i dont give out account info nor do i EVER trade, since anyone who trades scams


Hope this introduction was helpful and ill see yall in Global chat/Arena

or Supermechs Discord server 😁

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