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Big Boy's life


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Name: Big Boy

Age: 7


So this is big boy's life his journey is super long, big boy will fight for his life even when it is really dangerous. This will more like become a comics so enjoy! 😃

Season 1

Episode #1

The journey begins, big boy is just walking peacefully when suddenly a guy comes close to big boy and ask him to give all of his money or else he will kill him big boy said no and the guy tried to shoot him with his gun but big boy quickly did a hammer attack!

The guy then got angry and got close to big boy once again not knowing he just did a stupid move big boy then teleport close to the guy and slam him with his hammer 

KABOOM! the guy then passed away after that big boy still continues to walk down the street.

image.thumb.png.91705c404afe346f0c04a033f45d3f07.pngimage.thumb.png.022c98568ab6aeae2efcd938cd29b817.png image.thumb.png.10dfebd7753077170f75357706a52345.png

Episode #2

Big boy met another stranger but before big boy do a strike the stranger punched him and stomped him until big boy passes out when big boy wake up he was in a room full of scary strangers he then tried to go back but the there was walls all around the area and all the thing he got to do to escape is fight to death. Big boy fought the first enemy, he then did his first attack which is his hammer the enemy almost gave up but still attacked big boy. Big boy then finished the first enemy.

To be continued...






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Episode #3 

Big Boy's War

After defeating the 1st enemy he have to fight the next enemy for now, before he start to battle against the enemy he quickly realized it was the guy who kidnapped and drop him out of this brutal place. Big boy then get really angry, he then shoot at the enemy but it wasn't enough to defeat the second enemy. After a long way of battle big boy finally destroyed him.

But not knowing while he was fighting for his life the boss of all the enemies is just watching him. Big boy said:

Big boy: ''Jeez how many strangers will I fight here? I hope that was the last one 😞''

The Boss: ''Muwahahaha do you really think that was the last one? Jokes on you big boy, I hope you can catch up on me muwahahahaha 😈''

Big boy: ''Huh what was that sound?"


To be continued in ep.4



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