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Boring gaem

Monke King

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2 hours ago, OKI DOKI said:

open a new account and reach account level 250 in 7 months to surpass me. I dare you? 🍻 

Make 100 myth in a year. 😀

Kill OKI current testing line up at R7 and say, "in your face loser". 🤭


It’s sook gonna be my 1 year aniversary on my account and I only have 8 mythical so I can’t do it

2 hours ago, AcE BaRoN said:

Dare you to  do tickets with energy mech

Will do soon but I don’t have energy itwm

10 hours ago, BigBoi said:

Dare: build a goat mech and fight with it

What would a goat mech be?

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