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Premium packs rates



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1 minute ago, Asther said:

This is why you need to save your tokens for 3k/4k token offers.

They provide much more value

Yeah I guess I figured it out now, but the thing is that am in need of new items as I got back after a big 5 year break

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Welcome back to the game.

As the boss Asther mentioned, sometimes is better to save up 2k-4k for better offers. Some offers 1.5k are ok too. Normally those comes with a particular item in need plus packs, gold, silver coins, clan coins, power kits maxed between others. 

There are offers that comes with tokens and items for better price than normal. Some examples of premium packs below, does not translate to every account. It is luck base to get items. Some players get fast items and move up fast getting a good deal on weapons etc and some others totally bad luck one time after another reason why some buy only if they have a particular item in need or for those not having parts, the recent offer of 24 packs is an option to risk for rewards. 

Below some examples of one set, I opened this year.  I normally save them and very very rare I use one. In the example below, there are around 5-6 items will consider decent for the sale that you will maybe use or not but ok. Some other legends are meat to transform too mythical your legend on level 40. This is a more average than good result.


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