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7/5 Campaign FB chance update: 1V1 is completely done


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     Thanks to the help of the research team, people like @Rambo @Knae gae ear Nena, @Sushi @renkobyasi @Diablooder and others who aren't even on this forum, we have completed FB chance analysis of all the 1V1 campaign boss levels.  Not surprisingly, Big Boy (final boss) has the highest FB return rate.

     We are now moving on to study all the 2V2 campaign boss levels.

     This chart should help you figure out which levels might be the best for you to farm in the campaign.  (Example: you're new but somehow you got a heat fortress early in the game but you can't farm Overlord's Den yet; you could farm Scavenger pass, Frozen Abyss or Dry Lands possibly.)

     Watch the research happen:




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