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Molten Platinum Vest Too Strong


MPV needs a nerf  

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  1. 1. Should MPV be nerfed

    • Yes, back to how it was before
    • Yes, in one of the suggested ways
    • Yes, in another way
    • No, leave it as it is
    • No, give it another buff

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Molten Platinum Vest has become too strong (LPV is also too strong but I will only talk about MPV in this.

Although the buffs were needed, since the meta had become redundant, with only monkeys over and over again, this doesn't solve the problems; making the meta only vests won't solve anything. 

I will be using @CleverName best build thread to recreate, with no modification the builds, just changing the torsos

Before buffs, this was the best physical build:1720297343_Screenshot2021-01-05at11_59_58.thumb.png.f2f75d282fbf90e5d665e77c4ad99c79.png


Just by replacing the torsos, you get this:1351995724_Screenshot2021-01-05at11_59_37.thumb.png.89ea8528ce3e1bdc12c8fdf6a9efdcff.png





Hp Difference: 518

Heat Cap Difference: 0

Energy Cap Difference: 0

Cooling Difference: 0

Regeneration Difference: 0

Weight Difference: 24 kg

Explosive Resistance Difference: 22

Electric Resistance Difference: 30

Physical Resistance Difference: 77


Monkey Phys vs MPV Phys:


An average 1v1 match lasts between 8-10 turns, since it will be physical vs physical, we assume each player will not overheat, and we will also assume that each player gets 3 shots every turn, 2 from action points, and 1 from the drone (I know this is inaccurate, it is just to give a rough idea) :

The MPV has 77 more explosive resistance, which means on average each shot from the Monkey physical build will deal 77 damage less than a shot from the MPV physical build to the Monkey build. This means that after 8 turns, with 3 shots a turn, the monkey build has, on average, taken (8*3*77=1848) 1848 extra damage, from the resistance alone. Of course this is inaccurate, however substantially, this is the damage difference, which taking into account the 518 HP difference, the Monkey build still has a disadvantage of 1330 damage taken.


We now take into account the added versatility of the MPV build due to the inferior weight, meaning that with minimal modifications, builds with exceedingly better stats can be achieved, for example:


This version features no energy fortress, due to the presence of a decent energy capacity and regeneration, providing a good defence against damage based energy, it has better cooling, as well as a decisively superior heat capacity, providing good functionality against heat builds, and making it less susceptible to boilers and heat huggers. It has less health.


This build uses the inferior weight to sport two overload preventers instead of cooling boosters, allowing for better performance against energy, as well as a slight increase in cooling. No negative side effects.


This version has higher energy and heat capacities, with slightly less cooling. It has a big loss in HP, but no loss in resistance, it is weaker to physical, but stronger to the other elements.


The low HP also allows the equipment of a scope, although the whole build must be thought out differently to be able to effectively use said scope.


I do not suggest nerfing this torso back to its original state, however a tweak to the buff would be, in my opinion, necessary. Perhaps a substantial reduction in the Resistance amounts, or the removal of resistances in all fields except physical. Another option would be the increase in weight to match that of the Monkeys.

Screenshot 2021-01-05 at 12.20.17.png

I literally pulled an MPV from r3 box, and from the other r3 box I opened, I puleld plat fortress, so its holy sry whiteout

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MPV and even more torsos should have en/heat stats buff .
In general , what should be made is to boost the rounders on the arena !!!
The recent buff was more like a favour to old top heat players that leaded the arena for 3 years
rather than a  buff to really balance the arena 😄 lol 
Rounders are weaker than EVER before  !

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