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Could you give me tips? I'm new


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For the type of mech that depend, what item you get .

Physical seem not very decent in the begin because you need to have good module but that also the type with the most potential .

Explosif is the best element for the 1vs1 campagne and the raid but is the element that the fight who takes the longest to finish fights .

Energy is not very adviced for campagne..probably the worst element for that but that also a element "unstable", with the energy it's all or nothing, that can be the best element if the opponent in arena have not effecient energy stats but you can lose if the opponent have energy free weapon or have just so good stats.


Also in the game you can maybe have a premium item, i very adviced you to keep these, a premium item can be only get direcly in legendary but you have so low way to get legendary .

4 hours ago, Rin said:

What better physical equipment?

That not really a better weapon, that more precisely the build that change where weapon effectiveness depends on other weapons you are using ( except someone )

but i will show you some example of free to play build :




in short use a melee weapon like rock recoiler/annihilation with 1 or 2 medium range weapon so like nightfall with 1 or 2 damaged armor dissolver with 1 or 2 frantic brute/night eagle for a physical mech .

and for module you can modified it if you have not all of these modules

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best weapon for phys starter mech is rapid destruction and metal piercer. 

for torso, i recommend you start with a nightmare. iron boots for legs will be fine. just remember to switch to massive stone feet when you get them. 

drone doesn't really matter for just starting fresh, but otherwise, if you have lower than 2k hp, use tonto. 

for modules, get at least 1 iron plate and/or 1 savior protector. at least 1 of each dual heat storage and energy generator. (or heat and energy engine for epic). and fill the rest with cooling booster and energy booster. Adjust however you like, just make sure the regen/cooling is around half of the heat/energy cap. 

oh, and upgrade gold mines in base if you want free gold everyday. very worth it for the long run. 

Discord: Aftokrator#9688

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