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I got another idea of weapon, the elemental cannon is a electric side weapon and is also a e - m weapon, the particularity if this weapon is that very light, infinite use and destroy the energy stats and electric resist but the defect is that this weapon have very low electric damage and energy damage.. is a support weapon so is not very adviced to spam it ..


I have 2 differents stats for this weapon but in itself the principle of the weapon does not change, it's just that it's not common for weapons that do not specialise in electric damage or energy damage so it's hard to make a comparison for better balance the stats, it is also necessary to find an interest to use 1 action for this weapon from where the 2nd idea of stats with better stats but heavier.


Stats at divin without arena buff ( stats 1 ) :

Weight : 14 

Electric damage : 51 - 63 ( 61 - 76 )

Energy Damage : 32 ( 38 )

Electric Resist Drain : 15

Energy Capacity Damage : 30

Energy Regeneration Damage : 15

Range : 1 - 4

Energy cost : 31


( Stats 2 ) :

Weight : 22

Electric Damage : 51 - 63 ( 61 - 76 )

Energy Damage : 32 ( 38 )

Eletric Resist Drain : 20

Energy Capacity Damage : 36

Energy Regeneration Damage : 18

Range : 1 - 4 

Energy Cost : 31 


You can also propose stats but only if is a nerf or a buff proposal for the weapon ,if the changement is is too important compared to the principle of the weapon i would not take it into account ( for example add 100 average damage and remove the energy cap damage, that not the goal of the weapon to does decent damage ) .

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7 hours ago, Carnage_Void said:

Make it have atleast 35+ heat cost on it

Thank you for have respected what i said so i will make the point,

there is no "series" of weapons using only energy, there is none while only overheating weapons there are a shovel like distance shreeder, rock polisher or even perimeter protector.. and to know too that physical weapons have energy costs sometimes lower than the cost in heat, on the other hand, the reverse does not exist, which has created an imbalance, there are only 7 energy weapons (top + side weapon but without counting the breakers armor) which has no cost in heat but only in energy .

which explains the weapon only has an energy cost .

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