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My mech is underpowered, how do i improve it?



I know that some of you gonna tell me to upgrade my mech, but i can solve that with my base making power units, but i keep getting underpowered gears and weapons, h e l p, i spended my tokens on premium box and i died when it give me epics and most of them are bad torso, i cant take it anymore, and why does people the arena are ridiculously strong, my win ratio is litteraly 1/8 i




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20 hours ago, muffin said:

They gave me epic, every single accounts

Everyone has that, just work with what ya got, progress from there, once you got a good torso and legs, to lvl 30 legendary, upgrade modules, then weapons, try to get everything lvl 30, then upgrade everything progressively to lvl 40, once you can mith something, took me a month, go for the torso, then you can mith weapons.

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