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Rolling beast is rusty and heavy

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You know massive stone feet is have 10 shield drainer ,over 500 hitpoints  and not really heavy

But rolling beast is heavy than massive stone feet and it have a over 400 hp if im correct. It cannot jump over the enemy and use the jumping weapon

So can we buffed it in on its hp

and make it Lightweight like decrease it in 5 to 10

Thank you admin if you read this


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On 10/13/2021 at 11:50 PM, YT RAINPLASMA YT said:

Rolling beast is rusty and heavy

sure is, now i kinda regret using a stars paint on it


14 hours ago, SC2A said:

you already know that rolling beast has more dmg than massive, and it has 3 moves, so that's why

yeah yeah, but it's still pretty outdated. 

like grave diggers, though i'm working on a pair just for fun

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