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Make Arena "Boosting" a Bannable Offense

A Happy F4ce

Petition: Make "Arena Boosting" a Bannable Offense (described below)  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you believe that those engaged in "Arena Boosting" (farming AP from alternative accounts) should be banned

  2. 2. Should this rule apply retrospectively and those who have obtained medals using this method stripped of said medals?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Only strip the medals, but spare the ban unless the behaviour continues

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Alex and his team have done a wonderful job so far of clearing hackers and cheaters from arena for which they ought to be commended.

Yet, there are unfortunately still many players who seek to bend the rules and get ahead by using dirty tricks which fall into a grey area. 

One such dirty trick, is a phenomenon being termed "arena boosting". the booster will create alt accounts and then using timing engineer it such that he matches with his own alt account in the arena for the sole purpose of having the alt account quit instantly and transfer Arena Points (AP) to the main account. 

such a practice is fully dishonest, and allows players to gain medals and high positions without ac actually fighting and winning most or all of their battles against equally ranked peers. 

I believe that going forward anyone proven beyond reasonable doubt (obvious indicators are no, or few,  arena replays despite large amounts of AP and full stars, and IP address analysis could be employed by the Gato Team) should be banned for manipulating AP for personal gain. There have been several grey areas in the past - Co-piloting, for instance - yet this trend, is by far, the most dishonest, damaging, classless method employed by Arena tricksters today.

for the health of the community and the honesty of our beloved arena - make arena boosting bannable!


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Yes, i do agree co-piloting can be used as cheating in some cases. 

However, do you have any physical evidence or even speculated evidence of any specific person/player that uses this boosting phenomenon? 

Also, who is to say it's not a coincidence? 

lately, it's becoming more and more often that i get placed with the same player in arena.... not that i really cared but they win almost every time (probably cuz i suck)

I could be just people seeing some weak player that is close enough for matchmaking and hack the system so they only get placed with weak players in arena (my speculation). Would this count as the boosting phenomenon? 

But since matchmaking is supposedly "randomized", it could very well just be luck that doing that (not your speculated cheating, mine only)

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