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Clan introduction XD RED BARON

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This Is a first introduction.

For  all  active  expériences pilots accepted.

Clan requesting  players that will promote all basic task , gameplay tatics. (war -titan- tickets and others) , will promote  all most dedicated PiLoTs.

Status curently top 25 clan in progress.  

 Y’a all have fun ! 

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Quick response ,

Playing role of Clan leader offer's  more immersion to S.M. gameplay.

You should All try it ! 


     Try It Donald Trump GIF




19 hours ago, OKI DOKI said:

Nice. congrats in the spot and good luck in the search for good and active players. 👍

Thank you for your encouragements  !

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Posted a new introduction today, lost access to this one

will see new postings with respect and no rules .


This forum is ok but IT is very low grade no reaction to request ,no body 

working for example: news a few posting no activity ho well

have fun and take care .

your fan !

XRB 🇨🇦



Hi, Oki 

As you know am listed now as Clan Red


Thank you! 

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