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Atom Legacy clan recruitment


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Привет мой друг. Набор кланов Аtom Legacy открыт.

От нас:

• Дружелюбное сообщество, which always will help you.

• Хорошее занятие.

• Регулярные бои с титанами и клановые войны.

From you:

• 25 wins/week.

• Adequacy.

The clan was originally created as a community of people with general leisure activities. We don't need 24/7 activity and top places. We just need active and outgoing players. If you play a little, then we are not on the way, if you do not respect your clans, then we are not on the way, if you are a sociopath, then we will not on the way. Only active and friendly players are welcome!

We will be glad to see you in our clan. See you! 🙂



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