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Been awhile...


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So I’m back... again... quit after this new forum replaced the old one, as I now work 5 days a week at Walmart and attend a local community college the other 2 days. Life is busy.. found myself playing during lunch the other day, so yeah...

also, have they figured out how to do private lounges or anything for clans?


And what has become of BTB? I see a few still remain in the alt clan I made until our previous issue is resolved... 


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Welcome back.

 Some of the BTB former members are around this forum and might answer your question. Congrats having work and going to collage. I do play during lunch at work. 

About communication with clans, the game have a discord and clans have their own discord if created.


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What's up Cody? Both BTB and my current clan have a forum club, where you can post private topics in, but they aren't too active. My current clan has an active discord server, but I haven't seen much activity from BTB. 

If you want to join the BTB club you'll have to catch trophy when he's online.

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follow me.

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