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Clan Recruitment

iAldoPR SM

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Background: I was tired of being in the top 300 clans and took the rest of my days in weaker clans. I’m not the original leader of this clan. Looking for people to join my clan. The requirements below:

•Join with a rank at least rank 10 or lower (9,8,7 etc)

•Help the clan earn titan tickets and fight it when unlocked.

•Those who join clan wars MUST fight enemies their own size. 

EXTRAS below:

•Name of my Clan: 1ForAll

•I’ll give everyone a week (7 days) to be unactive or let me know the reason and I will give extra time of being unactive. Anymore than that and you’re out without noticing me.

•Treat everyone with respect, honor and be friendly.

Thank you 🙂 






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