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  1. If there truly is an update that’ll soon come, I’d like to know if this balance change makes it’s way to the game. -You know when a Clan beats the enemy in any round and the win is secured? How about the results when you know your clan got the W and you see the enemy got it instead of you? Will that Clan War bugg or whatever the aituation may be, get fixed?
  2. I understand and many people dont do so. Lets keep pushing + grinding
  3. I felt bad that you had given me another win. I completed my quests jsut so you'd know xd
  4. Go to youtube and search my channel : xxxAriiAldo SM feel free to check me out
  5. How do you grind in coins when not at max lvl? And how did you get 100k+ tokens in one vid of yours?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6TY4BPJZXo&t=1s&pbjreload=101 The link for my video that is out now! Check it out, community. :)
  7. i have to go back home, on my laptop to recieve the snow perk xmas gifts :'v
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