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Shop Mechs 1/9 Fix Fierce Plasma


Should Fierce Plasma come with Energy Battery Armor instead?  

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  1. 1. Should Fierce Plasma come with Energy Battery Armor instead?

    • Fierce Plasma needs this buff
    • Fierce Plasma is fine
    • Fierce Plasma should be nerfed
  2. 2. Should we replace Grim Reaper with Energy Battery Armor in the Fierce Plasma shop mech?

    • Do this change
    • Do not do this change
    • Tweak this change

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     As you're aware, some of the shop mechs aren't the best deals for people starting out.  Some are, and I was a proud owner of the Lightning Slicer mech when I first started (which is still a good deal overall).  But given certain changes over time with torso balancing, I think the shop mechs need an overhaul.  I want them to be a better deal overall.  The first step in this is to ask that the Fierce Plasma come with a better torso, such as Energy Battery Armor.  (I plan to make one thread for each of the 9 shop mechs, by the way.)  Please consider this change.  Also, please consider making it two mass regen boosters, not one booster and one energy engine (given the stats of Energy Battery Armor).  I think with how much this one costs, it should come with the very best non-premium energy torso (unless Gato Games decides to allow the most expensive of each of the element shop mechs to come with a premium torso, in which case it should come with LPV).


If you can think of a better torso for it to come with than Grim Reaper, however, feel free to reply to this thread.

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