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  1. Hello Guys As i Hear Someone Has Do Curse Image too And I Got The Curse Image 2.
  2. Bruh This Is a New Glitch For Me
  3. i did that but its like 1 month they didnt answer
  4. I Want My Base To Be Gone Base Trash Silver Box Good Plz Supporters pls disable my base i apply to disable my base but no one reply and 0 views pls i want to disable it
  5. i check on unclaimed boxes and i check on my inventory then there is no new items only my old items
  6. i just open premium pack and when i buy the pack it didnt show me nothing i have 403 tokens and i buy premium pack it didnt show anything pls help me solve this problem
  7. Hello guys I Am New And I Also Like This Forum And The Game Thx For Reading This By: RzTxYT
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