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  1. The same thing was happended with me, with a premuim pack, u knows the history
  2. Someone knows what im writting im this moment bruhh

  3. when I bought a premium pack the game left without any explanation, and when I entered it (sometimes when you do not receive a box that box moves to unclaimed boxes) there was nothing in that tab. Was I lost my premuim pack? Please I want that issue to be solved
  4. And now, I'll maximize the defence matrix
  5. If my brother had not taught me this game, I would not be playing it and talking today, as I am doing. I got to know the game at the end of August or September 2017 (that means I couldn't play the legacy version since I didn't know it) when my brother showed me it and I liked this game (and I got the vice: v). I lost my first account in 2018 because I did not know how to log in to the game, if I had not lost it I would already be in rank 1 ..... since then I made another account and you already know the rest .....
  6. Guys, today I got a Plasma Fortress and I don't know if max it or no is that I have an ultra-hot protector
  7. Guys, guys new ítem which looks a lot like sorrow
  8. Range generator for range mechs, disintegration for war clans and titan battles
  9. Tomorrow (2-6-2021) is my birthday
  10. man, you need to post the titan crab sprite first, otherwise no one will know what you are talking about and they will ignore your idea
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