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  1. People liked me back on the day when I was rank 1 and cool now I’m nothing
  2. I have had other accs but I made a new acc today but thanks for hurting my feeling for no reason I was having a good day too
  3. What if china had the ability to manufacture and make big Mechs that could fight each other and use the same items as in game and blow up each other and like film it. I think it would definitely be interesting to see real robots fight that look like mechs. also you’d probably need a twin turbo engine with oh 16 nitrate to power the monster the chemical composition of the metal could be strengthen to increase the durability if you really think about it you could take aerogel and uranium to make a nuclear powered air cell that could possibly conduct enough electricity to power it if you take int
  4. Hello a lot of good things you can do early on the Skeeter gold mines upgraded before you do the rest. Also grinding campaign will get you a decent amount of gold and help you throughout the journey. it’s very neat to see you introducing yourself on forms I am a very popular cool person on this website everybody likes me as for your max windigo is a decent torso for a boiler Mech if I would recommend a easy build that’s very good it would be a physical build double frantic brute with rock recoil and Tonto is it very effective I have also been playing this game when energy was g
  5. What does Alex eat for breakfast lunch and dinner I wonder what his diet consist of? comment what do you think he eats? I think he might like crab legs
  6. Most of the time pay to win players don’t put in the time that’s why they’re paying in the first place so it would balance out in a way
  7. Hello Do you think with the new owner ship they will return the game back to f2p friendly? what on your thoughts on this?
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