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  • What can get you banned?


    On the forums, not following the guidelines will usually get you banned. 

    In the game, the usage of any external tools or modifications, network tampering and any other method of gaining a game advantage not implicitly part of the game itself can lead to a ban. Similarly any sold/bought accounts are legible for a ban, in addition to any accounts deemed indicated in the sale. This is against our terms of service and can even lead to a lawsuit!

    Finally, the usage of glitches or bugs that in any way compromise the integrity of the game can get you banned. Not sure? Reporting any cheats, hacks, modifications, glitches that may be dangerous to us by email will get you a swift response and a potential reward if we're not aware of it yet. 

    Please note also that we reserve the right to exclude anyone from access from our community for any (or no) reason at all. Including being banned in the game or threatening our players or staff outside of either our game or forums. 


    We try to foster a welcoming and fair community in both game and forums for everyone - please help us by contributing to that. 🙂

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