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Base update request


Base buff  

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Base is despised by most players, new ones follow the trend and try to remove it as soon as possible. How to make people want to use the base? I suggest the next buffs:

  • Cut building time to half 
  • Reduce cards crafting time to half
  • Reduce cards crafing cost to half
  • Double gold mines max capacity/production per hour
  • Add a token mine (max 2), i propose the next stats:
  1. At lvl 1 it will produce 1 token each 20 hours, with a max of 1 token stored
  2. At lvl 20 it will produce 1 token each hour, with a max of 20 tokens stored 


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Halving prices and time would be too much. Token mines are a good idea. Maybe not 1 an hour but every 2. I think halving costs and leaving time would work, or taking off 1/4 sounds more realistic, but yes it needs a rework.

I literally pulled an MPV from r3 box, and from the other r3 box I opened, I puleld plat fortress, so its holy sry whiteout

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