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My account rn

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This is my account rn after some modifications. I made Naga to mythic cuz it's pretty good. From Frist mythic I got premium pack. From that premium pack I i got ash creator, flaming hammer, drunk lightning and 2 more epics (idk I forgot cuz I fused them for legendary drone). My modules still look bad, ik💀

Any suggestions for now? 







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for now, focus on the modules. Regardless the modules are not good, you need to work on them to support weapons and attacks against you. The investment has to happen. 

If you are working in the BASE, use one factory in L2 and get few basic modules, doing so, also may be time to time an epic watching the commercial can show up. 

Don't eat everything to rush levels. Think properly on epics grant and regular stuff.

Also, depending how much you grind during the day, start to increase the reserve and do not get under typical player rushing eating and eating crippling their accounts. Think before eating and increase gold and have no less than 100 parts in reserve for few events that can happen.



Check achievement area and verify what can be complete. you can get some good tokens around. 



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