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Guys I need some advice on mech improvement



So I'm new to this game and is a f2p normal lazy player. 

Now I stuck at rank 13 to 11 and 2v2 campaign started getting tricky on hard difficulty. 

Just wanna gain stable foot stand at rank 12. 

Aside from maxing all my weapons and modules is there any other improvement advices on mechanical building? 





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7 hours ago, noㅤ said:

You are an energy drainer so I'd swap your protection modules to heat since energy mechs cant shoot after your emp and phys mechs usually only have one energy-free weapon.


BTW How to deal crazy dual frantic builds with 725+ energy cap

or some destructive dual desolation+distance jumper build

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In your second mech I see something wrong, it's that you have the grim cobra and the last words, these weapons work for different builds but your second mech would benefit from a lighting recoiler and another malice beam, with that you would have a much better mech

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