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Any tip on this mech?



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14 hours ago, Krangal said:

I know i need some close range weapon

Super Mechs_2024-03-24-11-17-01.png

Super Mechs_2024-03-24-11-17-17.png

My reccomendation to you is that you should change last words with "Rock recoiler in your inventory"

It pushe you and your enemy away and therefore you gain more chance of using your hot flash btw my honest reccomendation use electrolyte instead of the face shocker hope this helps 😺

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Looks like you have a bit of understanding. You are starting and takes time to get the right parts. Focus in just one mech for now to make it strong according to current inventory. Mixed mechs are common when start the game. 

We try to make one full element mech meaning full mech as physical mech, energy mech or heat mech. Those are the 3 basic elements to make robots apart of mixed mechs that are weaker by default. 

Everyone will tell you to start with one of the elements and will depend on your current inventory of what they can see even that does not mean it is the right one and need to have in mind that at early stage, every week can be a different opinion after getting a possible new part and all can change. Try to minimize to make parts without sense. 

When someone provide to you an idea, just think about it how you would like to play according to some videos around and your reality. You do not have to do it and can find better way for you from that input provided to you. In the end, you are the one that will have to spend the time making that possible. 

1- Let's hold back on developing current leg. Why?

    a- In your case can be few considerations but not all will be mentioned. Let's take few options as ideas to think. Your current leg, it is easier leg to get in the game. It is powerful leg, but current game changed style making the option less suitable. Looking at your picture inventory which it is not in full, I can see another pair of leg. 

Your current leg "Iron Boot" it is in the Legendary status L1. Not bad to start and reduce some cost to make it as Myth part. Now, there are few differences to understand. As you can see in the white circular color, my account same part it is in divined status which it is the maximum in the game. The other colors around are showing that this part can be obtained from common the lowest possible grant in the game and can go to the maximum in the game. Not all parts start equally but they have a start point by default. 

The Hit Point it is at 491 which will grant a higher status and win because does help in the life of the mech to survive attracts. The weight it is 138 and damage can be some 219 even that number is just basic and can be more or less depending on the condition of your opponent.  

Now, let's compare with the leg in the picture below. It is in the divined status. The weight it is less at 132, it does do the same function in movement, but it does provide more damage plus can help break shields of your opponent.  In other words, it is a better leg and help reduce weight and can do better building up with extra weight availability and better overall damage to the opponent. Sure, your leg it is in the normal grant at EPIC status. I will rather invest in the stone feet than your current leg set up. 


 In contrast using massive stone feet it does grant you more for your gold. 


Sure, you do not have to change part. In the long run you might. 

Your current set up it is ok according of what I can see and figure out.



I think for now it is a decent set up for your inventory. Good job. Focus on your modules instead of power.

Increasing power leveling up weapons, the energy/heat use will increase and will harm you more. So, be focus on modules and stay a bit in lower rank. Do not add more level to your torso because will encounter more powerful foes as you increase HP. Don't have to follow my opinion. Just think around what is best for you. 

Just a look using stone feet 


Sorry, I do not have a nightmare developed. Also, resistance will reflect premium part, but you can use the basic one and max that to L30. The other factor is that my account it is L250. Your account will reflect less numbers till you max account in the arena shop. 

Have fun 

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