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Is this possible ??



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54 minutes ago, SIUU said:


Well, level 43 mean it just farmed a week or so. That is hard to get. Sure, if a person spends a lot of money will be fine getting there and I mean need to buy gold, premium packs and mix boxes with silver account. Even buying premium packs, will require thousands of packs to be open and max out some weapons with the epic's grants. It can be one mech for 1v1 or maybe made 2 mechs in full. For 3 full mechs it is hard to make without a ton of money in that way. 

Now, back when I started, I was top as free player but stayed low because not enough power to sustain but I was a full 24x7 grinder. 

Now, we do not know and only the game owner can check. if you suspect, then you need to summit info in the proper request area. 

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