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Can't watch ads for extra rewards anymore



Hello, as the title says i can not watch a single ad anymore for extra rewards. I have no idea why did this suddenly happened, when i was grinding coins yesterday some time later i just could not watch an ad anymore. I'm pretty sure i was never using a premium account, since i still got a ton of ads in the campaign. I was heavily 'abusing' the ads, whenever i got the chance to watch an ad for extra rewards i always did and it helped me pretty well with tokens and getting rare/epic items as well with arena tokens.

I don't know why this has happened or have i done anything wrong. Can i fix this somehow or i'll have to live without rewarding ads from now on?
If it matters anything i'm playing on the pc version, i'm lvl 55 and have 211 unclaimed boxes (i'm thinking maybe because of 200+ unclaimed boxes, since thats what i had yesterday, but that would be very stupid)

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