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Let's talk about the frantic brute players and it does give me a headache to face players of this weapon and I feel that it should be eliminated from the game but the developers don't care, they only care about having the tokens at expensive prices if they do. I'm going to say like this because they see me as a millionaire or what and it's not to offend but the tokens are not abundant at all and I'm not talking about that I'm talking about the frantic brutes and that maybe they should be eliminated or the damage should be lowered this post is not to offend just one idea within the game
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There is no offence. 

The weapon is a weapon that has been in controversy before I started to play this game. Back then, it was a real theme and hate for the weapon in particular for the top players losing all the time.  🤣 The weapon was nerfed. 

The current status I do consider it is right and no need to have changes. Also, that gives some opportunities for free to play and rank up faster to some degree. 

The weapon it is in need for free to play as simple can be said with luck. Not everyone gets it fast and can take long too to get one. 

Sure, using the weapon maxed at rank R15 or lower to get wins it is abusive but that it has been like that as far I know. 

The only thing you can do is to be focus on your development and overcome the spot as everyone else went through including me. Also, I was free and reached top as free and was harder in those days to get out from that issue. Focus in farming and advance parts. 

Sure, sometimes administration should look at some of those guys and ban them from those ranks abusing too much. 

I am original Frantic user in my first mech even so, the output was weak the majority of time and still doing the same in my account reason I do not use the weapon. 

I do recommend the weapon for starters if luck with the weapon. 

You have to understand, that any weapon maxed can be use at any rank, does no matter the weapon, if any player wants to harm in R15 can do it at that rank and does not have to be Frantic. Any weapon can do the damage so there is no necessity to remove any weapon. Sure, can report few of those guys if are repetitive players trolling. 

It can be reported. Now, trolling can be in different ways. In R7-R6 just as example, it is loaded of R1 mechs. I have been watching my kids' videos and it is very hard for them to use R7 made mechs often because are matched with full flesh R1 mechs there at those ranks. If they do not want to play R3-R1, they should lower power. 

Now, some of them do not use the accounts all the time and their rank stank but then they go in full power to go up. Too me sometimes that it is not nice but are forced to do it sometimes because the match maker matches them with R5-R1 getting out of R6. 

Anyway, case by case can be considered in the R15 issues and get few of those players out of the game. 🤷‍♂️ What do you have to understand, is that banning a player and open a new account searching for the weapon, they will make another fast and will do the same over and over reason is better to get focus into your own account and improve and move on. The trolls are up to R3 in general bases and not related just to R15. It is almost all the way up. 

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