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I can’t log in to my old account



Yeah so I change my phone from an android to an iPhone and I can’t log in to the game no more because I can’t sign in using my google acout does anyone know how to fix it

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If it still have access to your old phone (or any other device that's logged in to your account), click on Settings in the main menu (top-right gear), then "Accounts". You'll see a page like the one below.

The rectangle next to "Supermechs" should say "Disconnected" or something similar. Click on that to create an SM login (basically just choose a username and password). This will let you access your account on both Android and iOS.

Be VERY careful throughout this process; make sure you don't click anything on accident.

Hope this helped!


Important links:
Base disable (only one per person, not one per account): Create New Request - SuperMechs Community
Junior mod applications: Create New Application - SuperMechs Community
Item artist applications: Create New Record - SuperMechs Community 


Why are you looking at this? Go check out the next post.


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