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The game is base in grinding the campaign for gold and at the same time, the grinding will help to obtain mix boxes that will become your parts and also then own meat to level up part interested to advance. 

Do not eat parts that are important unless have duplicate in epics as example. 

Build according 3 types of mechs related to full energy mech, heat mech and physical mechs. The fourth type of mech will be a mixed mech and will be normal mech when start as new player till get proper parts to make a solid one of a particular element. 

For Base need to understand first the basic of your mech parts.

Develop parts that can reach Divine status. There are different types of weapons that start at different stats and can progress only to certain stats not at full and it is very important to check that. 


picture below in Transformation Range it is showing some circles. Those circles are indication of the lower status the part can be granted and how high can go.

This picture illustrates that it is a part that can be granted as "COMMON" the lower possible in the game. The is represented in the gray circular color. The blue color is RARE then EPIC then Legend then MYTH and last DIVINE. The orange color looking solid, it is the representation that this part it is in the MYTHICAL status. 

Part like this are part to develop to be stronger and no stay stuck using parts that will not progress and will be a waste of resources. 


Startin account there are basic great parts that can be use as free player and can be a good deal to start to progress eliminating other better parts that can be granted at start. For that, you can ask and show what do you have so far and players can help. 



Another area is Achievements. Focus as well into complete those at your power level and play time. Very important when start because that can grant good tokens then use them to open PREMIUM PACKS. 


CAMPIGN it is a key to move on, that will be your real progress. Anything else can be asked any time you have questions. No matter how silly can be, just ask and re-ask till you are clear. enough about it. 

There is more stuff, but this is just basic info.

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