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Does top clans accepts your join requests?

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They do. 

Top Gun-ACE, LLYL, RF, TF and few others that I can't see now for been low rank. According to what I can see now is LLYL just as guess. 

Clans like RR, WLG, INMAX will be more competitive for a spot. 

You can ask any. Because they are not posting current requirements, we do not know their clan state of what they want now according to the game status with less players and more relaxed. in some ways. Before was a top gunner to be R1 in all seasons and average to hit 200 AP. 

Mow too many semi-retired, lack of wins or even ranks can change the entry.

You should post what you can offer as player like Titan attack and ticket collection, War, wins, ranks per season, if play every day, no troublemaker, clans medals, steady no changing clans after clans and things like that. 

Like I mentioned, things have changed a bit because players are no longer as used to be, so clans have changed a bit. 

Post something requesting for top clan and some of those details mentioned. They will look into. 

Wish you good luck 👍

NOTE: Join request to the clan on your own seen a spot? Normally the top ones they block entries and used to be after they have an agreement of how thing works. If you already requested to entry to a clan, try to contact the leader if still here in the forum and PM him or her. The leader might have to ask to other players to let you in. 

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