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So basically i was studying english and i randomly remembered (ONE OF MY WORST MEMORIES EVER)

Basically i remembered that 

3 or 4 years ago we were writing a constuction(word knowledge test)

The teacher was saying words in our language and we had to translate them to english (btw i got 5-)

And one of the words was: (loaded)

I couldn't remember the word (loaded)

And i used another word called 


My teacher didnt find something suspicious and just wrote red mark on that word

I think you all know where i got this word from😳

You can use any adjective to describe me

If you still don't understand what i mean just know that you aren't a (man/woman) of culture

Tell me what embarassing moments you had in your life


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One day I was asking for a napkin, instead I asked for kidnap. 🤣 Eating pizza

One day I was asking for a bag, instead I asked for a sack. 🤣 Getting stuff at Home Depot. There was a Latin guy attending and asked me if I was from out of the country. 🤣 

Buying beers always till just recently, the cashier asked me for my ID. Sure, I am old even with some gray hair. Last time happens 3 years ago. The lady was surprised to see my age and smiled with the face I will eat you baby.  Maybe she wanted a date. She was young. Maybe I still got it. 🤣


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