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Hey awesome Pilots!

How are you?

Time to time I will add few things about me very simple as routine and you can make fun about it. No, it is not those thread about asking me anything. 🤣

Sure, can ask for curiosity of the post. 

I live in Oregon USA. 

If you do not know where it is, you have to be kidding me. With internet available and not knowing? Just kidding. People might know New York or California or maybe Washington DC. but to know about Oregon is not common. It is like "what it is that?" "Can we eat it?". 

It is a place above California. Sure, I have to mention California to make you locate yourself. 🤣


This cool guy image.png.19095443493a558ebf8e5617546ad262.png🤡

His is guilty of charge to make me join the Forum when I was starting to play of course he was talking more to my niece in those days. 🤡

I live here because work, but I am not from here instead from 


Even I am from the East Coast, I spend many years offshore with my family around the world. 




And few others. That was long ago now I am an old person. I have traveled to many countries when was possible but no more except if is in need due to work or training. No personal trips. I hate to be in an airplane like a sausage. I do not like for vacation been in a cruise hotel. I consider that boring except trip of a day and back. 

I hope that take a way some questions. 

Now, I was talking about stuff to do here around. 

Like farming in the game or something in particular. Maybe one time a week. 

Ok, today I will say that I was eating m&m when I was farming in the game, and I was with my daughter watching her doing some pvp after some months not touching the account. My son was playing by moments maybe 1 or two times a week for 3 wins or five goofing with players. 

Have fun L&G. 🫠

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