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[ Rate my mech and give me build tips for the meta ]

IIvan MK-4

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Hello, Im IIvan MK-4 and I present you my account that has been in existence for 1 year because I had to start from scratch because I continued with my previous account where I was op and they gave me energy modules (Which is not very helpful because money destroys you) and I need advice on the current meta and what I should improve about my builds.

Physical build:


Energy build:


All my things:

 Last mythical created (Bonus):




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Do not make parts from left to tight. Focus in a main one to control inventory. 

First, look at the pictures. You are making parts a bit with sense understanding why but sadly does not work. 

Focus on this picture below:

1- First picture have good torso windigo, Frantic and good leg. In the second picture you have another Frantic that can be use as dual Frantic. 

2- In the 3er picture you have a rock recoiler. Take that rock recoiler and use it in the first picture with windigo, frantic, lava feet and even can change to use MPV torso under development. 

3- In the 4th picture, it is showing you have a lightning recoiler and should be use in the second picture. 

4- In the 5th picture, is showing you have a unreliable guardian drone. Use that one in the second picture and remove top weapon. 






Careful with eating parts that might need. 

So, you can have this basic set but will need the modules to support. I do not know your full inventory. Stop to add more torsos, and random weapons consuming your gold and farmed mix parts in the wrong way. 

You can use windigo but phys resistance will be lower so use better MPV or use LPV for extra energy but lower heat. it is preference according to modules at disposition. 





Now you can use this one like this 



Hold back on torso and do not go for the phys monkey. You can make the heat monkey but you have already 2 good torsos and a 3er a good to resolve windigo. Use the two LPV/MPV.   Develop 2 mechs not 3. You do not have enough support on parts to get one properly and even less a trio. Hold back in torso EFA unless have parts to use properly. Heat monkey can be used for high HP but you do not have resistance right now around. 


 I did not added modules. 🤷‍♂️



Develop all modules around that Ican see for heat and energy and shields. 

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