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Hello again. So as I’ve mentioned before, I have been playing this game for some months now. I joined a few clans, but I quickly realized most people there Are inactive, and I was unable to join a higher team.

i started a New guild, but  I find it somewhat difficult and timeconsuming recruiting people in the 1v1 arena. At first I recruited active and serious players, and as soon as I had 8 serious and relative High level players, the guild filled up with lots of low level players who is just starting to play the game and disappear after a day or two. Are there people in this site who want to join a guild with relative active players, or Are there other places to reach out to them?



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Is hard to get serious players.  Even top clans sometimes have hard time to get players.  Some players are SOLO players to not be in clans' drama and play relaxed. Some retired or very casual. I am retired and people still asking. 🫠

My kids have not decided to join any clan with my accounts, and I can't force them. 🤣

I just farm. 🍻

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