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How to improve super mechs fast? Can I get a premium package?



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It is the player choice. The game it is a business and survive with commercials and people playing and buying what they have in the game to buy as regular or offers direct to you or to the entire players like yesterday.  They have a lot of bills to pay as taxes, employees, servers, services etc. 

No one can tell you what is right for you. Now, as advice, you can get the offers depending in your progress current state been better options as more bang for your money to spend. 

If you are new, learn what to do first and understand a bit the game before spending. 

Play your achievements to get tokens. Starting your first month or 2 you can get a good deal in tokens and get offers and can have a premium starting. 

Farm a lot and search for the spots that grants fortune boxes for extra possibilities of legends in need. 

You can be an R11-R10 in just a month if you farm a lot and use properly your parts around. 

I was a free player and played at top farming a lot then I got offers to please my family for fun, but I understood the game enough to do so. 

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