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If you are buying, the best is to get the offers with parts that are fixed plus extras. 

When you open a premium pack, nothing will be fixed instead it is a gamble lucky win. 

There are parts are hard to get regardless invest thousands of dollars. 

If you are in a rush, buy normal but will be the same. Wait for the offers having a better discount and pray for luck. 

Farm a lot and max one of the factories to L20 in the BASE for the option epic/legend. Will take time to get that unless you spend a lot of tokens and buying gold. 

Maybe spend $25,000 or more and can have a CLEVERNAME similar account if luck is as good. 


Many players here have not spent money and are top players in the 10 solo spot and others all the time. 👍 Just will have to get luck, farm and wait some years "years in plural". 

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