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What do you guys think about my mech



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1. You can max the leg. At some point will be important because it is one use for energy mechs with the pro. Just max parts to certain level like Legendary L40 and balance.

2- Replace the torso. That torso does not work. Do not invest on it.   Use those circulated according to what you have.


3- Weapon above the sword, you can max too. it is good to some top levels. 

4- Grind for gold a lot. 

5- Use weapons that can go to Divine status. The picture below is for illustration. It can be using too but better the 3 types you have now in your picture. All the version for those legs is the best around. The gray circular color, indicate that the weapon can be obtained to the lower transformation level where any part can start but not all start at the same level. 

The part can be granted as common part but in this picture was granted as RARE from start as you can see the blue circular filled. This part can be evolved from RARE to DIVINE making a good part in some ways. In the past was decent. 


Picture below another example of weapon starting at different transformation level. The part only starts at RARE status, but the torso was granted as EPIC purple color. It was a decent part in the past but still in use to some mid ranks. Still decent in some ways but needs modules to increase Healp Points. Just illustration. 


Another example. This sword starts as COMMON the lowest possible and was granted as COMMON. The maximum on transformations will reach to EPIC level and will stay like that making the part not suitable to progress in the short or long term. Sure, when all we start, we use any weapon at disposal for few days or few weeks then get better and change or develop depending on the conditions. 


6- Every weapon does have a power level that can be enhanced to certain level. Some are good and some are not that good, and some will become food to help level up the good ones. There are two types of weapons named in some ways, Premium parts and Free to play parts. Premium parts can be obtained as free player or as a purchase by lucky boxes. Your mech is based in free to play parts for now. but you have a premium part in your arsenal. image.png.a24ba0760435aae0a96912c31a90763c.png

This one can gives you better stat with those legs. Just maxed can give you 2497 HP. It gives you some Energy cap and regeneration too. Also includes heat cap and some cooling. It was the go to torso to few years ago but still been in use in some top mechs set ups making the mech not a waste. Sure, it is weak in the sense that does not possess resistance against attacks and will have to use modules to help some. image.thumb.png.ab5ea9dafe80071a92f8b971d750bca4.png

Your current torso needs to go away as food. Do not waste more on it. This torso also is good on top ranks even is granted as lower image.png.a461f7ce9a7fdb096cdfa1ccab328847.png but it is granted in RARE normally and can be acquired at any time grinding for gold. 

7- There are many parts to be used to make a mech to function and part of them are the modules. In the beginning maybe you will get just trash but will have to use them for the time been till get something else and can take time or can be fast. Trash example image.png.27a14879d6e2da22b2807170917049fd.pngbut when no more we have to use them and later will be a waste, but it is a necessary waste at start.

8- You need to play 5 wins every day. It is very important to advance the account level. I mean, ACCOUNT not weapons. The 5 wins will grant extra status to your mechs making them better with the extras. Playing 5 wins will get ARENA COINS and will be able to enhance your account with them. The grant is very low when start but it is a very important thing to do. 



If you click in fight will take you to fight against someone else. If you click in SHOP, it will be the place to enhance your account with your daily 5 wins.

As you can see in my account, that single page is maxed out. It does takes long time to max them reason is very important to play 7 days a week 5 wins and to grind for gold a lot like today grate to collect gold and parts to level up parts in need. 


There is a ton of other things to learn. Just ask step by step. Also, if you want help, you need to share your entire arsenal so they can help set up according to your current inventory. That does not mean will change in a week or day getting a new part but the best at that particular moment. 

Watch this video from an old player. 

Hope this help you a bit. Have fun. 

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